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Welcome to Uganda Archery Federation 

The Uganda Archery Federation is the National governing body for the sport of Archery in Uganda. It serves promote and regulate Archery nationwide and in the conformity with the Olympic principles. It aims at framing and interpreting the World Archery Federation (WAF) Rules and arranging for the Organization of Championships Nationally and other international competitions.


The Mission of Uganda Archery Federation is to develop and promote the Archery sport in Uganda

Uganda Archery Federation Organs

The UAF has the following organs;
    » The General Assembly
    » The Executive
    » Commissions and Committees

Extra Ordinary Elective Assembly

The Uganda Archery Federation had an extra-ordinary elective assembly in April 2014 which saw the entry of new leadership in office. Despite the short stay in office, the UAF has been able to achieve some milestones although it has been confronted by many challenges. This report therefore highlights the key achievements, milestones, proposals and challenges met.